Dental Malpractice Insurance

A great smile can take you far in life, and a great Dental Malpractice Insurance plan can help protect it.

The Southpoint Dental Malpractice Insurance team is a recognized leader in ensuring that your dental practice (and smile) will always shine.

Analyzing Dental Insurance Malpractice Needs

There are two basic forms of dental coverage you should have: Occurrence and Claims-Made. Occurrence Coverage protects you against claims based on when the dental treatment occurred, as long as your policy is in place, regardless of when a claim is made. Claims-Made coverage responds to claims based on when the claim is made against the insured, regardless of whether or not you were insured with your current policy at the time the incident occurred. Think of Claims-Made coverage as retroactive insurance.

We work with over 2,000 healthcare employers, and, recognizing their individual needs, we are able to mitigate issues unique to their industry. Southpoint Insurance is here to build a competitively designed benefits package for a diversified workforce. We are actively involved in ensuring that your practice remains competitive.

Your Southpoint Dental Malpractice Insurance representative will provide regular evaluations on your program’s effectiveness and make program and policy adjustments as your business needs change.

Be sure to also review our Life Sciences Insurance options for additional protection for your practice.

Dental Practice Insurance Specialty Coverage:

Dental Practice Insurance Coverage:

  • Occurence Coverage
  • Claims-Made Coverage
  • “Tail” Coverage