Professional Services Insurance

Business practices operated by licensed or certified professionals need Professional Services Insurance coverage to ensure long term business security.

Running a professional practice comes with many potential exposures. Southpoint Professional Services Insurance helps alleviate the worry of potential risks, so you can focus on growing your business.

Analyzing Professional Service Insurance Needs

Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, accountant, veterinarian, or other service professional that requires specialized training, certification, or a professional license, Professional Service Insurance is highly recommended.

The Southpoint Professional Services Insurance team begins with a deep analysis of your business needs and potential risk exposures and sets insurance objectives and priorities by conducting a thorough pre-underwriting process. Southpoint then pairs you with the right carrier for coverage tailored to your specific business needs.

Your Southpoint Insurance representative will provide regular evaluations on your program’s effectiveness and make program and policy adjustments as your business needs change.

Professional Services Insurance Coverage: