Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Commercial Umbrella Insurance picks up where your general commercial insurance stops, and is there to guard against any coverage gaps, or cover expenses beyond your current policy allowance.
Think of it as insurance for insurance.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance provides your business with an extra level of security during unforeseen events. In a society where people sue businesses over hot coffee—and win, commercial umbrella coverage can be essential. An umbrella policy fills in any gaps of coverage and provides a safety net of extra coverage above and beyond current policies and limits.

We have other insurance, why does my business need an umbrella policy?

Any business should consider and umbrella policy if it is concerned about losing potential income or assets in a single lawsuit— one is all it takes to knock a business out of the game. While we can’t predict the future, we’re here to help plan for the unexpected. In the event of a lawsuit, you can never be over-insured.

What is the advantage of an umbrella policy?

Typically, an umbrella policy provides $1M or more in additional lawsuit coverage, encompassing legal defense fees, and other liability lawsuits that may not be covered by another policy such as a libel, slander, or a defamation suit. Plus, an umbrella policy provides coverage worldwide.

How much will an umbrella policy cost?

An umbrella insurance policy is affordable, hands-down—it’s the best buy in insurance. Considering the coverage you get, the ballpark cost is less than $200 for a $1M policy and is reduced to $100 for each subsequent $1M.

For the comprehensive coverage that an umbrella policy provides, your business can’t afford not to have one. The umbrella policy buys you peace of mind against a potential worst-case scenario.

Umbrella insurance provides vital protection against the unpredictable—here’s how Southpoint can help.

Our analysis, advice, and deep understanding of risk management programs can protect your company from third-party claims. We do this by analyzing your needs, exposures, setting priorities, defining objectives, and conducting a thorough pre-underwriting process evaluating your company’s potential risk, current insurance, and selecting the right insurance provider.

As an independent insurance broker, Southpoint delivers multiple insurance provider options to fit your needs and provides competitive rate options specific to your business. We are dedicated to finding the right coverage and reviewing your coverage today and as your business evolves.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance Coverage:

  • Aggregate Same as Primary
  • Excess: EBL, Foreign, Liquor, Professional
  • Proper Primary Limits
  • Umbrella vs. Excess