5 People In Your Company Who Should Never Work From Home

Thinking of implementing a work-from-home policy?  Good for you.  It’s a popular choice in the corporate world today and a growing trend.  The trick is only allowing the right people to work out of the office.  And that’s important, because some jobs are not suited for working from home.  Which jobs should never work from home?

1. Managers.  Anyone supervising others shouldn’t really be working from home.  A manager is being paid to…well…manage others, right? They have to be available for questions, look over people’s shoulders, give advice, provide leadership and have their eyes and hands on everything under their command to make sure projects stay on track.  So no, working from home wouldn’t be a good idea for anyone with managerial responsibilities.

2. Physical Laborers.  These are the folks working in your factory, operating machines, packing up boxes, performing quality assurance and doing any other task that requires picking up, observing and moving things around.  Clearly, this is not the kind of stuff that can be done from home so these people aren’t good candidates either.

3. Administrative.  There’s no denying that a good administrator, whether they’re entering accounts payable, checking invoices, answering the phones or filing paperwork, needs to be around all the time too.  Administrators are truly the people who make your company tick – they perform those small tasks that keep the wheels turning, answer questions and oftentimes provide that critical link between your customers and employees to make sure things get done on time.  You need these people on the premises and available for any issues that come up.  So no, working from home isn’t going to be a good idea for them either.

4. Professionals.  These are the salesmen, customer service team and financial group that are closing deals, getting the documentation completed, giving updates and help to your customers and performing all the analyses you need to make sure your jobs are staying on track.  They are the backbone of your operation, ensuring that there’s a pipeline of deals and a track record of happy customers.  They are interacting with each other and all others at the company to check on inventory, update prices, get approvals and review data.  You need them in the office, feet on the ground.

5. You.  Oh yeah, there’s you too.  This is your company, for gosh sake. You can’t be working at home while everyone else is toiling away in your office.  You need to be there always, walking around, coaching, checking, kvetching and complaining.  That’s what good business owners do.  They know that their organizations don’t run by magic.  They’re propelled by their leadership.  This is not something you can do remotely.

So there you have it.  These are the people who, when you think about it, should never be working from home.  These people are critical to your company’s success.  They need to be together as a team communicating and coordinating, sharing ideas and brainstorming new ways to thrill your customers.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s make a list of the people who should be working from home.  Uh, wait …


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