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Southpoint Insurance White Papers

Whether your business is in healthcare or construction, technology or retail, Southpoint Insurance professionals know that each business is unique and requires unique coverage.

We’ve prepared these free white papers to help you better prepare and manage your risk so you can spend less time fixing problems and more time growing your business.

Southpoint Insurance Healthcare White Paper:
Protecting Your Healthcare Business

With the Affordable Care Act passage and integration of technology into the healthcare industry you need to know how these changes impact your Healthcare Business and what you should do to protect it.


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Southpoint Construction White Paper:
Staffing Policies to Protect Your Construction Business

Construction companies must be constantly vigilant to protect their employees. There are a number of staffing policies you can implement to protect your workers and your business.


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Southpoint Business White Paper:
HR Policies to Protect Your Business

Running a business today is far more complicated than it ever has been. There are a number of HR policies and procedures you need to have in place to prepare for the inevitable.


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Southpoint Technology White Paper:
Protecting Your Technology Business

Just as the technology you develop evolves so to are the technological risks that threaten your business you need to guard against.


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